Take A Look At My Video/Vlogging Setup!!!

Well folks, as I further walk down this path of blogging, vlogging and making videos, I finally got that coveted question from a viewer that wanted to know what gear I use and how I set up to make my videos. Truth be told, with the exception of the camera (a hold over from my being a photographer), most of the gear I use was bought on the cheap! Flash sales, coupons, etc were all used to buy some fairly inexpensive equipment. But knowing HOW to use the gear is what helps and having a photography/audio background sure doesn’t hurt. That said, in my new video, I talk about some of the basic gear I use, tips and tricks to use the Adobe Creative Cloud to make better videos and the importance of recording audio independently of the video. I hope you enjoy my latest effort and as always, if you got something out of it, please share, subscribe and like the video!!

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