Outside The Cage Episode 19-02

Have you ever thought about raising the bar on your riding skills and abilities? Whether you have just started riding or have been running the roads on two wheels for years, on today’s episode, we talk about getting more advanced training and the top modifications you can do to your bike to take full advantage of that training. To help me out, I chat with Pittsburgh, PA Police Department’s Master Police Officer B.J. McMullan. He is a 24 year veteran with over 13 years of experience riding with their motor unit. B.J. is also the owner and president of Pro Rider, a motorcycle training company that provides rider training to every level of motorcycle enthusiast. 

After chatting about how he got started as a motor officer and some of the training his officers go through, we delve into what kind of training is out there for civilian riders to become more proficient on their motorcycles. We talk about how taking these courses puts better and safer riders on the road. After that, we also talk about the top and most common modifications you can do to your bike to take full advantage of this type of training. Our philosophy is to use the bike you ride so you become more intimately familiar with YOUR bike’s dynamics and handling. This discussion also covers ways to protect your bike from dings and scrapes your bike may experience participating in this type of training. 

If you have ever wondered about how to increase your riding ability to the next level, then this episode is for you. 

Show Note Links:
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Eglide Goodies Protectors
Harley Davidson Touring Suspension Air Pump
Great YouTube Video on Pittsburgh’s Motor Unit

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