Outside The Cage Episode 19-03

On today’s episode, I welcome Austin Rothbard, Founder and CEO of TwistedRoad.com, a website that acts as the “Air BnB” of motorcycle rentals. Have you ever been on vacation or a business trip with a little time to spare on a beautiful day and wanted to have a quick ride? Maybe you want to rent a bike to go cross country. Or you have a bike that you don’t ride very often and would like to rent it out to make a few extra dollars. Well, Twisted Road is for you. Austin’s solution to providing a nationwide database of bikes across the United States solves the problem of finding a bike to ride when you are traveling. During the show we’ll talk about, in detail, the rental and listing process, fees, how to price your bike and how the vetting process works to ensure the right people get to the right motorcycle. We also get into some great stories from past experiences and delve into a few of the reviews that sets Twisted Road apart from other motorcycle rental companies. 

I am also very honored to announce that Austin has graciously set up two amazing offers exclusive to “Outside The Cage” listeners. The first is a promo code that gives each person setting up an account with Twisted Road, a $25.00 immediate credit when you list your bike OR a $25.00 credit after you rent your first bike. This amount, once credited to your account, can be used for any future rentals with Twisted Road. Simply listen to todays episode to get the promo code. The promo code will expire at 11:59PM, eastern daylight time on May 5, 2019.

The second amazing offer Austin has set up exclusive for Outside The Cage, is a FREE 24 hour rental on ANY bike in the United States. Yes folks… ANY bike including the higher end custom bikes listed on the website. This offer will be awarded to one lucky winner that will be randomly drawn. To enter, just subscribe to my blog at, www.byrdblogger.com. Once you’ve subscribed, drop a comment in the comment section for today’s episode and let me know you want to be entered. Thats it! For my current subscribers, just post a comment about the show and let me know you’d like a chance to win that free day rental and I’ll take care of it. For an additional entry to increase your chance, head over to my You Tube channel and subscribe there as well. When you do BOTH subscriptions, let me know in the comment section and I’ll enter your email address twice for a chance to win. Below are the rest of the rules and stuff!!

1. All friends and family members of the host are not eligible for this contest. Employees and immediate family members of Twisted Road are also not eligible for this contest.

2. The winner will be selected by a random list picker such as “Random-ize.”

3. All entrants must be subscribed to the byrdblogger website.

4. If you subscribe to Byrdblogger’s You Tube channel, you’ll get an additional entry.

5. Entry dates for this contest will be from April 5, 2019 to April 30, 2019.

6. Prize will be one (1) FREE 24 hour rental from www.twistedroad.com for ANY bike of the winners choosing in ANY location within the United States including AK and HI.

7. No purchase is necessary to participate in this contest.

8. Once selected the winner will have seven (7) calendar days to confirm, via email, that he/she wishes to claim the prize. If no response is received within that time frame, another random selected email address will be chosen. This will continue until a winner is found.

9. The prize is not redeemable for cash and not transferrable. No substitutions allowed.

10. Winner MUST pass the Twisted Road vetting process to redeem the prize. This includes a DMV check for motorcycle endorsement, proper insurance and reasonable riding experience for the motorcycle chosen.

11. All terms and conditions of Twisted Road are applicable for the redemption of awarded prize.

12. All federal, state and local laws apply to this contest. Contest is void where prohibited.

13. Byrdblogger, Outside The Cage Podcast and Twisted Road reserves the right to disqualify any entrant if any contest rules are violated in any way.

15. All dates and times indicated will be based in the United States Eastern Time Zone.

16. Once the winner is selected and accepts the prize, Twisted Road will instruct winner on how to redeem the prize.

17. Winner will be formally announced on the byrdblogger website no later than May 6, 2019.

8. Any questions can be directed to mike@byrdblogger.com

7 comments on “Outside The Cage Episode 19-03”

  1. Very informative, a must listen for riders!

  2. Chuck Brodd says:

    Another great show and a very cool service provided by Austin and Twisted Road.

  3. Marcia says:

    It works quite well for me

  4. Jordan Zraick says:

    Great podcast! I’ve been looking for a new motorcycle podcast to get me through the workday. You do a great job about not only giving your opinion but you bring in other professionals in the motorcycle industry to talk about their insights as well. I love that you dive into the niches as well, like the motorcycle rodeo in episode 1, or Austin about Twisted Road.

    I thought Austin’s was especially interesting because much of the motorcycle industry is stuck in the Japanese or Italian “traditional way” and is slow to keep up with the times. Austin’s “air b&b” of motorcycle rentals is a great service. Not only does it give riders an affordable and available option of throwing their leg over a new experience. But think it we’ll help to grow motorcycling as a whole, especially for younger generations.

    Many people get into motorcycling, buy the wrong bike for themselves, due to ignorance, and then judge motorcycling as a whole based off that one experience. If they got on a different bike that might better suit their needs, I bet they would jump back in the saddle.

    All around good stuff! Keep it up and I can’t wait for episodes to come!

    P.S. Great production. Your podcast sounds very professional compared to others that I listen to. And I subscribed to your YouTube channel!

    1. Mike B. says:


      Thanks so much for the wonderful comments and feedback. It’s always nice to know the content I’m putting out resonates with my listeners and rest assured, I’ll only endeavor to improve my content with each episode! Good luck with the Twisted Road contest as well.. I’ve put your email in twice to double your chances of winning!!! Ride safe!!!

  5. Travis says:

    Great idea!

  6. Joe K. says:

    Great podcast as always and just subscribed via email and YouTube! Would love to enter the Twisted Road contest. See you next time Mike!

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