Dropping your bike can be a good thing!!!

Are you new to riding? Are you wanting to take your riding to that of those highly skilled police motorcycle officers? Then watch this video to learn the first step to becoming a better rider!!!

I know, I know….dropping that beautiful, expensive shiny chrome laden motorcycle is not something people wake up wishing to do. But after spending several months training for a police style motorcycle skills competition, I learned that dropping my bike was part of the learning process… and in fact, necessary. In this video, I talk about ways to protect the vital parts of your bike so that you can retain the cosmetic appearance of your bike. But still ride and train hard enough to push your skills to the next level. Truth is, there are many riders that have been riding for years that still can’t negotiate a tight U-Turn on a small city street. If you are someone that as seen police motor rodeos and wish you could ride like that, I’m proof that with practice, the right mental attitude and some inexpensive items to protect your bike, you can achieve that goal.

Dropping your bike while learning to negotiate those super tight turns is quite literally part of the process. If you’re not dropping your bike while training, you’re not pushing your riding to the extent needed to conquer those turns. Once you see that dropping your bike, and learning the proper technique to pick your bike back up isn’t such a big deal, you’ve graduated to the next level of riding. In the video, you’ll learn about some of the products and tips I’ve used that has allowed me to run 13 police expert level cone patterns at once without touching or dropping a single cone. As always, if you dig the content, please hit that “LIKE” and “SUBSCRIBE” button.

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