7 Steps To Winterize Your Motorcycle

Winterize Your Motorcycle In 7 Steps

It’s that time of year here in the northern US where us motorcycle enthusiasts have to consider putting our bikes up until the spring thaw. If you own a motorcycle and are confused about the process of winterization or just don’t know how to prepare your bike for a long hibernation, then watch this video. I take you through the step by step process I’ve used for the past 10 years of riding in the DC metro area. Without fail, my motorcycle is always ready the day I want to start riding in the spring. Since my motorcycle is stored outside and exposed to the harsh winter elements, I have to take special care in preparing my bike for the long winter season. If you follow my process, in order, you’ll give your bike the best chance of not only surviving the winter, but being ready the day you want to wake it up and start riding. Here are the 7 steps I give you and talk about in detail in this video:

Mike’s 7 Steps to Winterizing Motorcycles

  1.  Change ALL Fluid Cavities
    – Oil
    – Transmission
    – Crankcase
  2. Change Sparkplugs
    – Optional but recommended
  3. Fill Tank and Add Stabilizer
    – VERY critical step
  4. Wash/Treat Bike
    – Complete Wash & Dry
    – Treat with quality UV Protectant
  5. Put Battery On Tender
    – Another Critical Step
  6. Tires
    – Elevate or Rotate
    – Prevent Flat Spots
  7. Cover Your Bike
    – Ensure Cover Attaches To Bike
    – Cover Exhaust Pipes

Each step is laid out in specific order to maximize your efforts. For example, washing the bike AFTER you change all the fluids and fill up your tank. Seems obvious but sometimes we get ahead of ourselves taking care of our motorcycles. Also, if you watch this video, you can click on links that will take you to the specific gear I talk about in the video. Feel free to comment on how you winterize your bike as well. Don’t forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button to get alerts each time I post another video. Happy Riding!!!!

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